New Beginnings


Sometimes in life we allow situations and circumstances in our past to determine our future. We tell our selves that just because we were unsuccessful in a certain area we are therefore not good enough. Maybe we grew up in poverty, had a bad childhood or came out of a bad relationship- this does not mean we are failures.  You see “the things that are seen are subject to change.”

Don’t allow your setbacks to keep you in a victim mentality. Say to yourself:  ” I am a victor not a victim”.  In life we all will face challenging issues; it’s how you view these challenges that will determine your outcome. When a door closes you should have the mind set that situation was not meant for you. There is something better in store for you and another door with new opportunities will come your way.

See life as a learning experience where we are growing and evolving as we face good and bad times. Do not give up on your dreams- life is like a race that we are running , we do not know how far we are truly from the finish line but if we keep pushing  forward without giving up we will reap the reward.

Also remember doubt and worry cannot change your situation. It only adds stress and anxiety to your life. So my friends, remember that every day is a new day, a new day for new beginnings and new victories. Be blessed.




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