Loving ourselves is one of the greatest things we can aspire to. It is impossible to follow the great command, to love our neighbour as ourselves, if we do not practice self-love.

If we truly love ourselves, it is only then can we extend that love to others. Many of us have difficulty in understanding this concept. We think that loving ourselves is being selfish and that we should consider the needs of others before our own. This is further from the truth.

If we practice self-love we will take care of our physical, mental and spiritual state. Physically, this could mean eating healthy and exercising- taking care of our bodies. Mentally and spiritually we can follow lifelong learning and meditating on uplifting material- being mentally and spiritually balanced. If we are physically well, then we will have the strength and energy to minister to the needs of others. Likewise when we are mentally and spiritually at our optimum we are able to translate this to the emotional and spiritual well-being of others.

We can only love others to the extent that we love ourselves. Be blessed.


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