It is said faith is believing and acting on what you believe. We all need faith to accomplish our dreams and to live our lives without fear of the present or future.

Many times in life we may face difficult situations that can cause us to second guess our vision and plans for our lives- It may be an illness, uncertainty in our jobs and even a global recession. These are the times that we need to stand boldly and declare all that God has for us. We are not on this planet by accident but by divine appointment. The Bible states that God knows us by name and we are engraved on the palm of his hand.

We are a blessed people, a royal priesthood sanctioned by the one who created us to bless others. How can we bless others when we are sick, discouraged, poor or broken? We need to stop doubting ourselves and start declaring God’s word over our lives.

When we say something over and over we actually begin to believe what we declare. The words that we speak go out to the universe and accomplishes what we state, so if we keep speaking negativity all the time that is what we will experience. If however we speak blessings upon our lives that is what we will have. We should start and end each day with the promises of God on our lips.

Each day declare that:

I am blessed.

I am healthy and walk in divine health.

I have favour in the eyes of God and the eyes of man.

God is my promoter and my provider and no matter what is going on in the world today I will overcome it.

I am blessed in my family life, my job and my finances.

As you do this each day see how your life is transformed and watch the blessings of God flow in every area of your existence. Be blessed!